All that we value in personal relationships - love and trust, time together, shared experiences, communication - are built around who a person is. Learning a person's name is the beginning of really knowing someone. A relationship without a name is no relationship at all.

Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter is a Scripturally rich Bible study that reveals fascinating insights about 35 names of God, including Hebrew meanings, historical significance, and practical applications for today. Like the psalmist who exclaimed, "Who is like You,O Lord?" (71:19), prepare to be awestruck by His majesty, power, character, and absolute deity. As you explore the meaning of each name, unpacking the richness of His character and splendor; you will be drawn into an intimate worship experience like no other.

Seven weeks of personal daily lessons focus on God's names of deity, character, power, authority, splendor, intimacy and sufficiency. Helps for facilitating a small-group experience are included. Enter into God's presence... and prepare to be amazed!

    Mary Kassian is an award-winning author and popular conference speaker throughout North America, as well as distinguished professor at The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Mary has published other books, Bible studies, and videos, including, In My Father's House: Relating to God as Father; Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Speech; and Vertically Inclined: Climbing Higher with God.

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